Rooiklip Aloe Don

Here at Rooiklip Nursery Swellendam we are excited to introduce one of our new aloe cultivars: 'Aloe Don'. It is not often that a new aloe cultivar poses attributes which are unique and exciting.

Aloe Don

Aloe Don grows up to a size of 30cm high and a diameter of in excess of 40cm when it is mature. The leaves have a strong blue colour which became bright powdery blue in full sun. This aloe is ideal for containers or pots as well as in flower beds and road edges. As a decoration for the leaves it is crowned with large white thorns.


As with good red wine your patience will be rewarded with a superb bi-colour flower, orange-red opening white. Unfortunately you will have to wait a couple of years to see the multiple flower stems.

This plant is extremely drought resistance and grow evenly well in winter rainfall and coastal conditions.