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Pachypodium namaquanum

Pachypodium namaquanum

Certainly one of the rarest and most sought after succulents is Pachypodium Namaquanum or 'Halfmens' as it is locally referred to. Distinct with its curly soft leaves that make it almost gentle between the long thorns the stem is covered with.

October is when these ladies flower and here at Rooiklip we definitely make it a priority to pollinate. At present we are excited as we see there are many flowers this year which will hopefully relate to a strong yield in seeds.

Pachypodium Namaquanum Flower

The Namaquanum is certainly a specialist plant to grow as a fine tuned watering schedule along with an ideal location is the only thing that will make these flourish. Patience is however the key as the specimens shown here are close to twenty years of age. 

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