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Crassula deltoidea

Crassula deltoidea is a perennial dwarf succulent that forms a dense low mound often not more than 50 mm high but spreading up to 100 mm. The highly succulent leaves are deltoid (triangular) or rhombic in shape and always covered to a greater or lesser extent with a grey flaking layer of wax, often giving the plant a grey or even white appearance .They have small creamy urn shaped white flowers between August and September in the southern hemisphere. 

Crassula deltoidea is a fairly slow-growing relative to other crassula species and can take a few years to form a sizeable plant and flower. As they are so drought-adapted their watering requirements are very minimal. Overwatering is the easiest way to kill this plant.

 Its natural distribution extends from the southern parts of Namibia, Bushmanland, the Tanqua Karoo and southern parts of the Great Karoo as far east as Prince Albert.