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Crassula barklyi

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Crassula barklyi  is a tiny annular columnar species with erect or rarely decumbent stems, narrower than that of the closely related Crassula columnaris, longer and does not die when the inflorescence withers. This species branches at the base into several attractive finger-like growths. It is very slow growing but will reach 50-90 mm.
The stem is covered neatly and smoothly by the overlapping leaves to form a short almost cylindrical column, which looks a little like a miniature tree cone. Like the allied Crassula columnaris , the Crassula barklyi possesses a dense fringe of erect cilia on its leaves which are capable of absorbing dew or rain water.The flowers are concentrated at the top of the stem and are very fragrant. From here the Afrikaans name 'Sentkannetjie'. It flowers in winter (in habitat from June to August)