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Gonialoe variegata (Previously Aloe variegata)

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Gonialoe variegata is classified as a dwarf aloe and is grouped together with various other aloes that reach a height of no more than 250 mm. The leaf colour may be variable depending on the habitat and climatic conditions: deep green in good years or chocolate brown when plants have experienced drought stress.Flowers may vary from a flesh-pink to dull red, rarely yellow and flowering time is July to September.

Gonialoe variegata is found over large areas in the arid or semi-arid regions of South Africa and in the southern parts of Namibia. In South Africa it occurs in the karroid areas of the southwestern Free State, southern and central portions of the Western Cape (Great Karoo and Little Karoo), as well as Namaqualand.  The most important factor when growing this aloe in your garden is to make sure that it is never over watered and that water drains freely away from the roots.