Aloe framesii

Aloe framesii is a blue stemless aloe with speckled leaves growing in the winter rainfall areas of the western Cape. It can adapt to summer rainfall area but must be protected from frost. Plant it on hillsides in summer rainfall areas for added drainage. The rosettes grow to about 1m and produce offsets to form small groups. It has single racemes with bright red flowers in winter. 


In the garden, Aloe framesii rosettes will grow to 3 feet in height, stemless, and producing offsets to form small groups. This speckled (finely dotted leaves) Aloe with dark marginal spines benefits from good drainage, and does well in hillside plantings, particularly in climates where summer rainfall is high. Aloe framesii can adjust to summer rainfall conditions, but should be protected from frost. Aloe framesii flowers red in winter, on single racemes.